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Detroit Red Wings "Al the Octopus"

Red Wings Octopus, Descending onto the Ice

Red Wings Octopus, Descending onto the IceIf you’re a Red Wings fan, you’re probably aware of Al the Octopus and the long-standing tradition of octopi attendance at Wings games. If you were at the first Red Wings vs. Nashville Predators playoffs game, then you also know about the cool new way that Al is showing his support

About a month ago, Dynamic Displays rushed a huge purple octopus through the production line. Within a couple weeks, the Red Wings’ mascot took on a new shape—an inflatable one. Al the Inflatable Octopus demonstrates one of the many creative uses for inflatable products.

At the game, the inflatable octopus sank from the score boards and slowing raised his tentacles to the crowd before descending to the ice, grinning all the while. I guess he was glad to be there. And why not? His team won.

Pretty cool, huh?

Got a mascot? There are a lot of fun ways that you can increase their visibility.

Red Wings Octopus, Descending onto the Ice

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