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Louvre Atlanta Commissions Inflatable Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Inflatable, Louvre Atlanta

Eiffel-Tower-AtlantaParis’ Eiffel Tower stands at an intimidating 1,063 feet, constructed by three hundred workers for the World’s Fair in 1889. Today, the structure is one of most recognizable pieces of architecture in the world and is being considered for recognition as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World.

In 2007, Dynamic Displays’ team of thirteen built the Eiffel Tower again—this time from fabric and ink. Dynamic’s artistic team painstakingly reconstructed the tower to be as true to the original as possible, piecing together photographic images to recreate the structure’s unique pattern of latticework. The finished product, at 40 feet tall, is a testament to the flexibility and artistic capabilities of the inflatable medium.

The completed inflatable Eiffel Tower was built for the Louvre Atlanta High Art Museum and was exhibited in the 2007 Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta Holiday Parade.

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