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Every Parade Day Is A Good Day

Oscar the Grouch Parade Balloon

Parades are such exciting events. Throngs of people suddenly turn up on the downtown city streets, toting lawn chairs and small children, all anticipating the same thing–the magic and excitement of the parade experience. You can feel the anticipation in the morning air as step-off approaches… the floats are lining up, the bands tuning up, […]

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Forecast: Festive with a Strong Chance of Parades

Atlanta Balloon Inflation

It’s that time of year again—we’re a month away from Thanksgiving, and parade and event coordinators everywhere are starting to remember the pressure from last year. Thanksgiving Day is the single most popular day for parades in the States, as many of America’s cities seek to usher in the holiday season with some degree of […]

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Jim Thomson: 2002 Festivals & Events Ontario Hall of Fame Inductee

IADA Industry Hall of Fame Convention 2002

Festivals and Events Ontario welcomes James Thomson as a 2002 Hall of Fame Inductee. James Thomson is truly a dynamic individual, starting a business out of his home and growing it to an international supplier of inflatable balloons for the largest events across North America. In 2000, the Inflatable Advertising Dealers Association inducted James Thomson […]

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The Birth of An Industry: Giant Inflatables Take to the Sky

Panda Bear Historic Helium

Dynamic Displays has come a long way since 1962. I remember the days of typewriter tape and carbon paper—not necessarily with fondness, but certainly with some degree of nostalgia. Back then, the inflatable industry was just beginning to blossom, and Dynamic was not only riding on the cusp of progress, but was laying a lot […]

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